Sen. Fred Quayle said he is “disappointed” with the Senate’s revised redistricting plan that collapses his district with that of fellow Republican Sen. Harry Blevins in the Hampton Roads region.

“I am not happy about it, obviously,’’ Quayle said.

Quayle, 75, who was not in Richmond on Thursday for the special session on redistricting because he is recuperating from surgery, said he has not spoken to anyone about retiring and does not want to do so.

“As of yesterday, I fully intended to run,’’ he said.

Blevins said he spoke Thursday morning to Quayle and that Quayle had offered his support to Blevins in the district — suggesting that Quayle may be retiring. “He said he would be very helpful to me,” Blevins said.

Quayle, who has been in the Senate since 1992, said he does not plan to run against Blevins in a GOP primary, but that Blevins never told him for certain that he plans to run.

The Senate is poised to approve new boundaries later today after three days of negotiations.

Quayle said he believes his fellow senators did the best they could to retain his district, and that he knows some districts had to be collapsed because of population shifts.

“They don’t have that many places to go in negotiations,’’ he said. “I’m satisfied they did everything they could. These things happen.”

The revised plan restores Hampton Roads Republicans Sens. Frank Wagner and Jeff McWaters to their own districts but it still collapses the districts of Republicans Sen. Ralph Smith of Roanoke and Sen. Steve Newman of Lynchburg.

“Everyone knows that Hampton Roads had to give up a Senate seat,’’ Quayle said. “I’m not happy but I could live with it if that’s the way it ends up.”