The Republican National Committee launched a new ad against President Obama in Virginia Wednesday, suggesting that handing him another four-year term could be disastrous for the country’s future.

The ad, titled “Change Direction,” is running in Virginia as well as Florida, North Carolina, Indiana, Ohio and Iowa — all states Obama won in 2008 but Republicans hope to wrest away in 2012. The spot shows a little girl watching the news, supposedly on the last day of Obama’s presidency in 2017, as a serious of negative stories flash across the screen, including the suggestion that “the Chinese have overtaken the United States” economically.

The ad is part of a concerted campaign by the RNC to attack Obama’s economic record, particularly since the GOP doesn’t yet have a presidential nominee who can lead the party’s message efforts. It’s not clear how much money the committee is putting behind its buy in Virginia.

“We know that President Obama has failed to lead our economy back to recovery and people in Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Indiana, Ohio and Iowa are all well aware of his abysmal record,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, adding that “ it’s time to change direction away from his out-of-control spending and high unemployment to get this economy on a path to prosperity.”

The Democratic National Committee fired back, suggesting that Republicans “continue to play politics and hold the American economy hostage with their unwillingness to compromise” on raising the debt ceiling..

“While President Obama looks to find sensible solutions to getting our fiscal house in order, the RNC continues to show they’d rather run negative ads than work in good faith to create jobs,” said DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse.