Ever since Virginia defined marriage as between a man and a woman in 2006, same-sex couples have made a pilgrimage to courthouses across the state on Valentine’s Day.

The couples try to get marriage certificates, knowing they will be turned away.

Tuesday, couples will fan out to courthouses in Arlington, Richmond and Fairfax County.

“These actions are part of a growing movement in Virginia to recognize the value of all families,’’ said the Rev. Robin H. Gorsline, president of People of Faith for Equality in Virginia. “We witness for marriage for ourselves as persons already married in the eyes of God and our faith communities, for our children, and for the well-being of our communities and the wider society.”

The event, also sponsored by Mothers and Others of Virginia and Virginia New Majority, has been taking place since the Marshall-Newman Amendment was put on the ballot and was supported by 57 percent of voters.

Also, several other organizations will rally at Virginia Commonwealth University at noon for equal rights for all people, regardless of sexual orientation, religion, race, gender or any other basis.