U.S. Rep. Bobby Scott (D) still isn’t ruling out a possible run for Senate, even as Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine (D) appears ready to enter the race to replace retiring Sen. Jim Webb (D).

Former Gov. L.Douglas Wilder (D) this week stirred the Democratic pot — as he is wont to do — by saying the party had not looked seriously enough at Scott as a possible candidate and suggesting that he could challenge Kaine in a Democratic primary.

Friday, Scott spokesman Larry Dillard called to address the rumor, saying only that Scott is too busy working at his current job to have time to spend thinking about running for the Senate.

“He’s not ready to make any decision today, because he’s too busy trying to defend the Constitution, balance the budget, create jobs and educate students,” Dillard said. “That’s where most of his interest and energy is.”

Scott makes a lot of sense as a possible candidate — he’s served in Congress since 1993 and served in the General Assembly before that. He’s known as a hard worker who tends well to his constituents. He represents parts of both of the state’s two largest metropolitan areas (Richmond and Hampton Roads).

And as Virginia’s first black congressional representative since Reconstruction, he could excite African American voters in a year when President Obama would also be trying to win reelection in Virginia.

And yet, since from essentially the moment Webb announced his retirement, Democratic chatter has largely revolved around former governor Kaine and former congressmen Tom Perriello and Rick Boucher.

“That’s the peculiarity for the Democratic party,” said Virginia political blogger Bob Holsworth, who is also close with Wilder.

So Scott may be peeved and working to ensure that he isn’t overlooked by his party and the public as a viable candidate. Or he might be seriously considering a run for the job. Or, possibly, both.