U.S. Rep. Bobby Scott (Va.) said Friday that he was postponing announcing whether he would challenge former Gov. Tim Kaine in a Democratic primary for U.S. Senate.

“Earlier this year, I set July 1 as the day I would announce whether or not I would seek the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate in 2012m’’ Scott said in a statement. “Today I am delaying that decision.’’

Scott, the state’s only black congressman who represents both Richmond and Hampton Roads, did not say when he would announce his decision.

“This Senate election will be held next year, and there is no historical urgency to announce a candidacy in the year before an election,’’ he said. “I recognize that delaying the decision may result in those already in the race being able to build insurmountable leads, making a later entry unfeasible.  It is important, however, to focus on many critical issues at this time, without the ongoing distraction of a statewide campaign.    Ultimately, my decision will rest on how best I can serve my fellow Virginians."

Scott said that he wanted to give his attention to legislation, not a campaign, including the budget, education, criminal justice and the military. He also noted that the General Assembly has not finished redrawing congressional lines.