Last week, we told you about a group that formed to try to persuade minorities to vote for Republicans and “preserve America’s republic by advancing the Christian worldview in politics.”

This week, we learned who their first target is: state Sen. Edd Houck (D- Spotsylvania), chairman of the Senate Health and Education Committee.

The No Excuses Ministry political action committee criticized Houck at a Frederickburg event Tuesday where they passed out plastic fetuses and a flier outlining Houck’s voting record on abortion, gay rights and stem cell research.

Its invitation to the event said: “How Senator Edd Houck and the Virginia Senate Education and Health Committee destroy biblical family values.”

“When we mobilize as Christians and stand for God’s truth first, not political parties or incumbents, we can move mountains and save our American Republic from government instituted moral decay,’’ the invitation said. “It’s time to expose the voting record so everyone can see what’s been happening under Senator Houck’s leadership. Get informed and save our children and parental rights, protect women, school choice and American laws for American courts.”

Neither the group’s founder, Terry Beatley, a financial consultant, nor Houck returned phone calls seeking comment.

House Speaker Bill Howell (R-Stafford) endorsed the No Excuses Ministry political action committee, and donated $10,000 to its coffers.

The ministry’s goal is to “defeat any incumbent who has voted to advance or inflict the abortion industry’s agenda on minorities and children, undermine or usurp parental rights, redefine marriage, or prevent school choice,” according to its Web site.

Many minority groups, including African Americans, usually vote for Democrats, but in recent years Republicans have been trying to make inroads into those communities.

The PAC will not report what it is spending its money on until next month.