(Rachael Spiegel/RICHARD L. "DICK" SASLAW)

If the aquarium being built in the Inner Harbor did not open on time, then-Mayor William Donald Schaefer vowed, he’d take the plunge. It didn’t, and splash went hizzoner.

So Saslaw should be fully aware of the risk he took Friday by promising his own bit of political derring-do.

It was on the floor of the Senate, during a debate on a bill to offer a tax credit to those who donate private- and parochial-school tuition to poor, middle-class and disabled students.

Saslaw opposed the measure, and said that he thought the tax credit, which is supposed to expire in five years, would never sunset.

“If this expires in 2017,” Saslaw said, “I'll parachute off the roof of this building.”

Contacted later, Saslaw, 72, said he fully intends to make good on his vow. But he did try to find little wiggle room.

“I said I’d parachute off the building,” he said. “I didn’t say from what height.”