Stafford Board of County Supervisors Chairman Mark Dudenhefer said he plans to vie for the newly created House of Delegates seat that encompasses parts of Stafford and Prince William counties.

Dudenhefer said he wants to run for the new 2nd district seat because there needs to be a more conservative voice in the House who will work to keep taxes low and limit government intervention. Dudenhefer said he will be a “reliable ally” of House Speaker William J. Howell (R-Stafford), a friend and fellow Stafford resident.

“I feel compelled to step forward to provide solid conservative solutions in these dangerous times,” Dudenhefer said. “We cannot sit by and watch the Obama administration and their liberal allies in our state legislature tear apart our country through job-strangling regulations, higher taxes and increased government interference in free markets.”

Dudenhefer said he would also work to create jobs and new traffic solutions that will help alleviate congestion on Northern Virginia’s busy roadways.

Dudenhefer, a retired Marine Corps colonel, has served on the Stafford board since 2006 and has been chairman since 2010. Dudenhefer and his wife, Kay, have three children, the youngest of which died in a 2004 car accident. Since her death, the Dudenhefer family has spoken to countless parents, emphasizing their role in educating teens about safe driving.