Another day, another national TV interview for Gov. Bob McDonnell, who has been mentioned as a possible vice president contender.

In a tougher-than-usual interview on MSNBC, McDonnell (R) was questioned about:

— A bill he signed into law that requires women to undergo ultrasounds before abortion and his intention. (It’s part of the informed consent statute to make sure women have all the medical and clinical and legal information that’s available.)

— Why he plans to air “positive” TV ads in the coming weeks as he looks to bolster his approval ratings and remind viewers of Virginia’s successes after a spate of bad publicity, reported by The Post on Tuesday. (“We’re always looking to get out the positive message of what we are doing in Virginia.”)

— And of course, the possibility of being No. 2 on a Mitt Romney’s ticket. (“That’s all speculation. That’s completely up to Mitt Romney.’’)

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