Remember when Mark Warner ran for U.S. Senate against John Warner?

(Beth Adelson/Office of U.S. Sen. Mark Warner)

On Monday, the two Warners were together again. Not rivals this time, though.

Mark Warner, now a U.S. senator, and John Warner, a retired U.S. senator, headlined a business luncheon hosted by Virginia FREE in Tysons Corner Monday.

As you might expect, the two spoke about the need for bipartisanship in an increasingly polarized Washington.

Mark Warner is a founding member of the Gang of Six, the group of senators who aimed to craft a deal to address the nation’s long-term debt problems. John Warner, similarly, was in the Gang of 14, which helped broker a bipartisan agreement on judicial nominations back in 2005.

Monday’s event was attended by more than 500 — a who’s who in Virginia politics — including former governor Gerald Baliles (D), Jim Gilmore (R), former congressman Tom Davis (R), retired state Sen. John Chichester (R), former attorney general Jerry Kilgore (R) and Lt. Gov. John Hager (R).

Also working the room were plenty of 2012 — and 2013 — hopefuls including U.S. Sen. candidate Tim Kaine (D), former and likely gubernatorial hopeful Terry McAuliffe, possible lieutenant governor candidates Aneesh Chopra, Paula Miller and Pete Synder.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, rivals in next year’s GOP nomination for governor, were not there.

But White House party crasher Tareq Salahi was. It might have been the first sighting of Salahi as a candidate for governor.