Three new ads are on the air in Virginia attacking Timothy M. Kaine (D) as the conservative group Crossroads GPS and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce pile onto the U.S. Senate candidate.

Kaine faces fellow former governor George Allen (R) in the contest to succeed retiring Sen. James Webb (D), and outside money has been pouring into the race. Most of the advertising cash has come in to hurt Kaine and boost Allen.

The first Crossroads ad, “Pledged,” goes after Kaine’s gubernatorial record. “Higher taxes, reckless spending, skyrocketing tuition. That’s not what Tim Kaine promised, but it is his record,” the ad’s narrator says.

Kaine spokeswoman Brandi Hoffine said: “Once again, George Allen’s friend Karl Rove and his out of state secret donors prove they know nothing about Virginia, its budget, or Tim Kaine’s record. As Virginians know well, the tax burden under Tim Kaine was lower than under George Allen and Kaine spent his term working across party lines to cut spending by more than $5 billion ... ”

(The Kaine campaign cites data from the Tax Foundation to show that the tax burden was lower under Kaine than under Allen, though Kaine did propose tax increases in his final budget that were never adopted.)

The second Crossroads ad, “Cost,” attacks Kaine for his support of the spending deal that created the failed “supercommittee” and could now lead to hefty defense cuts in January unless an agreement is reached to avert it. The ad quotes Kaine saying the original deal was “the right thing to do,” though Kaine has also said that the planned defense cuts were “the wrong cuts” and that the two parties should negotiate a broad deficit-reduction deal.

Crossroads is spending a combined $1.55 million to air the two ads in Virginia, the group said.

“Despite numerous fact checks and all evidence to the contrary, Crossroads continues to peddle George Allen’s lies about Tim Kaine and defense cuts,” Hoffine said. “Tim Kaine believes these sequestration cuts are the wrong cuts and Congress must reach a bipartisan deal to avoid them.”

The Chamber of Commerce ad focuses on a different issue — “new pro-union regulations [that] will make it harder to create jobs, even in right-to-work states like Virginia.” The ad asserts that “union bosses say Tim Kaine is on their side,” noting how much money organized labor has given to Kaine’s campaign.

Like the Crossroads ads, Hoffine said the Chamber spot distorted Kaine’s record: “Tim Kaine supports Virginia’s right-to-work laws and has consistently pursued policies to improve the business climate in Virginia. During Kaine’s term, Forbes named Virginia the “Best State for Business” all four years, and the Commonwealth’s unemployment was well below the national average.”