Former governor Timothy M. Kaine continued his efforts to bring female voters into his camp Monday, releasing new television and radio ads accusing George Allen of being “wrong for Virginia” on issues important to women.

Kaine (D) and Allen (R) have fought hard for the support of women in their U.S. Senate contest, and polls have shown Kaine with a persistent advantage among women voters. Beginning this summer, Allen ran several television ads of his own featuring testimonials from women who know him well.

Kaine’s new ads are titled “Virginia,” and feature the same narrator and script, but with each ad featuring a different woman (supposedly named “Virginia”) on-screen.

“This is Virginia. George Allen would restrict her choices,” the narrator begins.

“He’d take away her Constitutional rights by reversing Roe v. Wade, let employers deny Virginia insurance for preventive care and birth control, and when legislators tried to impose invasive ultrasounds on pregnant women, Allen was silent. He even opposes equal pay and family leave laws.”

Kaine and his fellow Democrats have repeatedly attacked Allen on these same issues, particularly the ultrasound law passed by the General Assembly — on which Allen, a former governor and senator, did not take a position. Allen’s campaign has accused Kaine of seeking to highlight such topics as a way to distract from what the Republican’s camp says is the No. 1 issue for women: jobs and the economy.

Allen’s campaign had not responded to a request for comment on Kaine’s new ads as of this posting.