Timothy M. Kaine is continuing his streak of outraising George Allen, topping his U.S. Senate foe by roughly $1 million in the third quarter of the year.

Kaine (D) has raked in more cash every quarter since entering the race against fellow former governor Allen (R), as the two men vie to succeed retiring Sen. James Webb (D). From July through September, Kaine took in “approximately” $4.5 million, his campaign announced, while Allen’s camp said the Republican had raised $3.5 million.

As of Sept. 30, Kaine had $1 million in the bank, while Allen had $2.6 million. But Kaine also announced Tuesday that he had bought an additional $3 million in advertising time, which helps explain his relatively low cash total. It’s not clear how much money Allen has spent on airtime.

In a release, Kaine’s camp noted that overall, he has “raised nearly $15 million from more than 40,000 individual donors, including 10,000 new donors in the last six weeks alone,” with nearly 70 percent of donors in the third quarter giving less than $200.

“We are truly humbled by the thousands of donors across the Commonwealth who have helped make this our strongest quarter yet,” sad Mike Henry, Kaine’s campaign manager.

In his own release, Allen said, “Susan and I are so encouraged by the groundswell of support our campaign is receiving from Virginians who share our vision for a better future.”