Virginians finally have something new in senatorial TV advertising: a helicopter ride.

Timothy M. Kaine, left, and George Allen shake hands after the Virginia Bar Association's senatorial debate in Hot Springs, Va., on July 21. (Steve Helber/AP)

“This state-of-the-art coal plant in Southwest Virginia, where my wife’s from, created 2,500 new jobs,” Kaine says in the ad, which was titled “Unleashed” and launched Thursday. “As governor, I supported its construction. I also support off-shore energy, conservation and innovative investment in wind and solar, which together employ more than 66,000 Virginians. That’s what I call unleashing our energy potential.”

Kaine’s opponent, former Republican senator and governor George Allen, countered with a news release headlined, “Kaine ‘Unleashed’ Whopper Of An Ad.”

“The fact is the Wise County plant could not be opened under the job-destroying EPA regulations that Tim Kaine’s liberal environmentalist allies cheer while he stands silent,” Allen’s release said.

The release also quotes Del. Terry Kilgore (R-Scott), who challenged Kaine’s claim that he had supported the plant as governor.

“I have been involved in the Dominion Clean Coal plant in Wise since its inception and it’s news to me that Tim Kaine or his administration were strong advocates in making this a reality,” Kilgore is quoted saying. “In fact we had to fight his boards to get it permitted. As President Obama’s ‘unabashed’ supporter he will be fighting for the EPA as they try to carry out cap and trade through new regulations.”