Forget the budget, abortion, energy policies or any other substantive topics that have driven Virginia’s marquee U.S. Senate race. The real question for voters is this: Do you want to play harmonica with Timothy M. Kaine?

Kaine is running to succeed retiring Sen. James Webb (D), likely against fellow former Virginia governor George Allen (R), and on Wednesday the Democrat’s campaign rolled out “new mobile grassroots tools.” They include a “Virtual Phone Bank,” which would let volunteers make calls for the campaign without leaving their homes, and a partnership with Root Square, an application developed by Facebook that helps groups and candidates identify supporters and raise money.

“The campaign will kick-off its initial partnership with Rootsquare to a targeted group of online supporters and will offer ‘Harmonica with Tim’ as its initial promotion,” the campaign said in a release. “A participant chosen at random will win an exclusive dinner and lesson, featuring Governor Kaine on harmonica.”

A quick search on YouTube reveals plenty of clips like those above, on-camera evidence that Kaine enjoys playing the harmonica. He even performed on an album by blues singer Steve Bassett, credited as ”Governor T.M. Kaine,” according to Richmond’s Style Weekly. The campaign says he “taught himself how to play harmonica the summer after 7th grade — and now he’d like to teach you.”