Three labor unions are bankrolling a $2.25 million ad blitz against former governor George Allen in the final stretch of the Republican’s U.S. Senate campaign.

George Allen, former Virginia governor and US senator, makes a campaign stop at Tart Lumber on Wednesday. (Jahi Chikwendiu/WASHINGTON POST)

“Allen supports a budget plan that cuts billions from Medicare — ending guaranteed benefits families count on,” an announcer says. “Allen would take away women's access to mammograms, cancer-screening, and birth control ... letting insurance companies decide on coverage for your family.”

Allen is running against former Democratic governor Timothy Kaine for the Senate seat held by retiring Sen. Jim Webb (D). Allen’s campaign called the ad’s claims false.

“Tim Kaine’s friends have reached a new level of desperation as they try to throw everything but the kitchen sink at George Allen,” Allen spokeswoman Emily Davis said in an emailed response. “Virginians know scare tactics when they see them, and they know George Allen has a record of fighting to strengthen and expand Medicare coverage and women’s access to quality health care. As Governor, George Allen removed the discriminatory tax on seniors’ Social Security and retirement income so they can keep more of their hard-earned dollars.”