Del. Mark D. Sickles

Mark D. Sickles (D-Fairfax) likes the money McDonnell has put in for economic development, particularly funds to promote agricultural exports and biotechnology.

He’s less enamored of cuts to pre-K programs.

“With the new General Assembly, the governor has a good chance to get a lot of this passed, and it’s going to come at the expense of our children,” Sickles said.

On the other side of the aisle, Timothy D. Hugo (R-Fairfax) was pleased to see greater funding for transportation, higher education and mental health.

Del. Timothy D. Hugo (R-Fairfax)

Hugo also praised the plan because it calls for no new taxes. It does, however, jack up Department of Motor Vehicles fees by $10 million.

“Obviously, we’ll take a look at that,” Hugo said of the DMV fees. “The key thing is, there’s no tax increase.”

Here’s a link to the entire budget document.