GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney (r.) offered Texas Gov. Rick Perry (l.) a $10,000 bet to prove him wrong about what the former Massachusetts governor wrote in his book about individual mandates for health insurance. (ABC News)

The Democratic Party of Virginia, while hardly flush enough for five-figure wagers, decided to have some fun with how Romney proposed to settle a dispute in Saturday’s GOP presidential debate.

“The multi-millionaire Romney, who has previously called a $1,500 tax break for the average American family a ‘temporary little band aid,’ may not quite understand the value of $10,000 to most people, which is why the Democratic Party of Virginia released a helpful list of things one could buy with $10,000 if they sought to spend it on something other than settling trivial political disagreements,” the party said in a news release Tuesday.

 The release went on to list what $10,000 means to residents of the critical swing state.

“At least 833 trips through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel in a passenger vehicle ($9,996).

“Over eight weeks of salary based on the median [Virginia] household income of $60,665.

“263.5 adult tickets to Colonial Williamsburg.

“Over 27 credit hours at Virginia Tech based on $368.75 a credit hour.

“Over 909 children’s tickets to the Luray Caverns in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley ($11/ticket).”

The release ends by asking Virginians to go on Twitter (#What10kbuys) to say what $10,000 could buy their families.