Virginia Republicans aren’t calling Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) a “sore loser” for his lawsuit. (CBS News)

“The election is over. The Democrats lost. Senator McEachin needs to get over it,” the Republican Party of Virginia proclaimed earlier this month, when State Sen. Don McEachin filed a lawsuit over control of the evenly divided state Senate.

And when a Richmond Circuit Court judge declined to issue the temporary injunction McEachin sought in the case, the party hardly held its tongue.

“Court Throws out Democrat Sore Loser Suit,” read the headline on the party’s news release.

“If Senator McEachin is willing to file such a frivolous lawsuit, I can’t help but wonder if the next phase of this temper tantrum is for he and his Democrat colleagues to flee the state like their counterparts in Wisconsin did,” state GOP Chairman Pat Mullins said in the release.

So what does the GOP have to say now that one of its own — presidential hopeful and Texas Gov. Rick Perry — has turned to the courts because he failed to gather enough signatures to qualify for Virginia’s ballot?

Get over it, sore loser? Drop the frivolous lawsuit and temper tantrum?

Suddenly, sadly, the language has gone all flat.

“Yesterday I learned that the State Board of Elections and the Republican Party of Virginia were named in a lawsuit filed by Governor Rick Perry to gain access to Virginia’s Primary Ballot,” Mullins said in a prepared statement.

“As Chairman, my responsibility is to certify candidates who meet the ballot access requirements set forth in Virginia statutes. I complied with Virginia law by certifying the candidates who met the statutory requirements by 5 p.m. yesterday. At this point it is necessary to see what the court says on this matter and so neither I nor the party will be issuing any further statements until the judge issues a ruling.”