Virginia’s one-per-month limit on handgun purchases inched closer to extinction Tuesday as the House voted to advance a bill that would repeal the limit.

In a voice vote, the House agreed to move the bill to a final vote, which is expected to pass Wednesday.

Pro-gun lawmakers have tried for years to eliminate the one-per-month cap on handgun purchases, imposed in 1994 under Democratic governor Doug Wilder in an effort to curb gun trafficking.

Bills to that effect have passed the House in previous years but always died in Senate committees and subcommittees.

A Senate bill lifting the handgun purchase limit passed a committee last week, raising hopes that the GOP-controlled upper chamber would finally lift the restriction.

A snag over improperly cast proxy votes sent the bill back to committee last week, but it got another thumbs-up from the committee approved this week. It is expected to get a final Senate vote Thursday.