Spending in 13 Virginia Senate races topped $1 million as Republicans and Democrats battled for control of the chamber, while the number of seven-figure races dropped sharply in the Republican-dominated House, according to a Virginia Public Access Project analysis.

VPAP, a nonpartisan tracker of money in politics, produced the analysis Thursday, the deadline for General Assembly candidates to file campaign finance reports.

In the Senate, which split 20-20 in last month’s elections, the number of million-dollar races was up from 10 in 2007, the last time all 40 seats were on the ballot, VPAP found.

In the House, where GOP control was never in doubt, the number sank from nine in 2007 to two. But those two reached eye-popping heights.

Del. Ward Armstrong (D) and Del. Charles Poindexter (R) blew through a combined $2.4 million in their match-up, which Poindexter won.

Del. Barbara Comstock (R) and Pamela Danner (D) spent a combined $1.3 million in that race, which Comstock won.

See list of Senate races above $1 million mark below:

Bryce Reeves (R) v. Edd Houck (D): $2.6 million

Phillip Puckett (D) v. Adam Light (R): $2.5 million

William Stanley (R) v. Roscoe Reynolds (D) v. Jeff Evans (I): $2.2 million

John C. Miller (D) v. Mickey Chohany (R) $2.2 million

Dick Saslaw (D) v. Robert C. Sarvis (R) v. Katherine Ann Pettigrew (I): $1.8 million

George Barker (D) v. Miller Baker (R): $1.7 million

John S. Edwards (D) v. Dave Nutter (R): $1.5 million

Toddy Puller (D) v. Jeffrey Frederick (R): $1.4 million

Tom Garrett (R) v. Bert Dodson (D): $1.4 million

Dave Marsden (D) v. Jason Flanary (R): $1.2 million

Mark Herring (D) v. Patricia Phillips (R): $1.2 million

Chuck Colgan (D) v. Tom Gordy (R): $1.2 million

Janet Howell (D) v. Patrick Forrest (R): $1.05 million