Rest assured, those schoolkids serving as pages in the Virginia General Assembly are quickly learning the ways of politics.

Virginia Senate pages and messengers serving for the 2012 General Assembly session. (Photo courtesy of the Virginia Senate page program)

There were a few minutes to kill before the Senate was gaveled into session, so I thought I’d say hello.

I asked how they were enjoying their stints as pages.

“Fine,” they said.

I asked what schools they attend.

“If you want to interview us,” one boy replied, “you’ll have to go through Mr. Finch.”

That would be Bladen Finch, director of the 34-member Senate page program and a former Senate messenger himself (Class of ’94). He was pleased to hear that his charges had mastered the art of “no comment.”

“As a part of their training,” Finch said, “we do train them on interaction with media.”