Paul Logan, deputy press secretary to Gov. Bob McDonnell, must feel like quite the trendsetter.

First, Logan clipped together this cheerleading video for the administration, describing McDonnell’s achievements since taking office in 2010 “by the numbers.”

Quickly, the Democratic Party of Virginia countered with its own ”by the numbers” video highlighting areas where it believes McDonnell (R) has failed residents.

And now, we’ve got yet another “by the numbers” video.

This one comes to us from the Virginia chapter of NARAL, the pro-abortion rights group, and uses the same stark white numbers on black background adopted by Logan to explain the group’s take on McDonnell’s record on abortion.

NARAL examples: “4: pieces of anti-choice legislation Gov. McDonnell signed into law since his inauguration in 2010; 1: type of doctor singled out for new hospital-style regulation under recent legislation

So, anyone else? Family Foundation of Virginia, perhaps? Care to tell us where things stand in Virginia, “by the numbers” of course?

Watch the NARAL video here.