The Virginia Chamber of Commerce has issued legislative report cards, and state Sen. Walter A. Stosch (R-Henrico) was at the head of the class.

The group gave Stosch, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, an A-plus rating and named him its “Legislator of the Year.” The chamber said he had “worked tirelessly” to support its legislative agenda.

The report cards, a first for the chamber, rate senators and delegates on their support for the business community and for initiatives that will, in the chamber’s estimation, “move Virginia forward.”

The chamber didn’t flunk anyone, but it gave out five D’s — all to Democrats, all of them in the House. All of the gentleman's C’s went to the Dems, too.

But some Democrats managed to pull down B’s. Only one of them, Sen. Charles J. Colgan (D-Prince William), earned an A.

The chamber noted several of the bills that had been part of its legislative agenda, including one to prevent state tax dollars from being used on projects with mandatory project labor agreements. The organization also had supported legislation creating a variety of tax credits. One of them will apply to businesses and individuals who donate private or parochial school tuition to poor and relatively affluent students.

You can read the full report card here.