And you thought everybody was going to play nice in Virginia Senate races.

Dick Black

“Black is so extreme that he opposes abortion under any circumstance, even in cases of rape or incest, or when the life of the mother is at risk,” the site says. “If that is not crazy enough, Black also attempted to make it legal for pharmacies to refuse to sell birth control to women.”

Black’s anti-abortion positions are no secret. The Loudoun County Republican is best known for sending plastic models of fetuses to fellow lawmakers as they prepared to vote on a bill requiring parental consent for minors seeking abortions.

But what’s this about birth control?

Chris Lore, Black’s campaign manager, says it isn’t true.

“That is one of the most absurd twists of truths I’ve heard in a long time,” Lore said. “Mr. Black would not have been able to stay in office for eight years if he’d been voting to ban all birth control.”

Lore said the Web site hangs its hat on two bills that Black supported in 2004. One called for requiring parental consent before minors could get the so-called morning-after pill. The other aimed to prohibit Virginia’s public universities from distributing the morning-after pill to students through its health centers.

Brian Coy, communications director for the Democratic Party of Virginia, said in response that most university students are 18 or older, so that bill aimed to deny adults access to a legal form of birth control.

This post has been corrected; the headline originally referred to Black as a senator.