Virginia Republicans kicked off their coordinated campaign for 2012 this weekend at their annual retreat with the unveiling of a new Web site.

On Tuesday, an e-mail will ask supporters to sign up to volunteer to help elect Republican congressmen, a U.S. senator and president next year.

The state party introduced their new chairman of the VA Victory 2012 — Pete Snyder — back in September at a major fundraiser headlined by Texas governor and presidential hopeful Rick Perry.

Snyder is founder and CEO of New Media Strategies and a nationally-known pollster and media consultant whose clients have included Burger King, Coca Cola and Disney.

“Join the fight for Virginia and America’s future!’’ says the new Web site. “Help Governor Bob McDonnell, RVP Chairman Pat Mullins and VA Victory 2012 Chairman Pete Snyder Win Virginia for Our Party and Our Country Next Year.”

Both Republicans and Democrats are gearing up for a huge fight in the swing state of Virginia next year.

President Obama became the first presidential candidate to submit his signatures for the March ballot, while U.S. Senate candidates Tim Kaine (D) and George Allen (R) will hold their first debate Wednesday.