The Virginia Tea Party Alliance announced Thursday that it would target seven “left-wing” Democratic state senators in November’s critical legislative elections.

 “Many pundits and operatives think that the best Republicans and conservatives can hope for this year in Virginia is picking up two to three seats,’’ said Karen Miner Hurd, executive director of the Virginia Tea Party Alliance. “We feel very strongly that conservatives can pick up as many as nine seats currently held by Democrats.’’

Check out the list of who they are hoping to defeat and who they are trying to help elect.

Hurd said the group’s recent polling shows there is a “renewed conservative energy’’ in part because of unhappiness with President Obama. She said the goal of their campaign it to do more than help secure a GOP majority in the Senate, but rather secure “a strong conservative majority.”

“Virginians and Americans are fed up with endless bailouts, government run health care and increased government control over our jobs and our daily lives,’’ Hurd said. “They have used their majority in the state Senate to increase the financial burden and regulation on the average Virginian.”

Hurd said their campaign — dubbed “Beyond 21 – Creating a Conservative Tsunami in Virginia” — will involve door-to-door activities, radio ads and social media.