Days before the election, the Virginia Tea Party Alliance has added a pair of Northern Virginia Senate seats to their list of targets.

Republican Tom Gordy, who is challenging Sen. Chuck Colgan (D-Prince William), has been added to the group’s list of “winnable” seats. Former delegate Jeff Frederick has been elevated to “possible win”in his race against Sen. Toddy Puller (D-Fairfax).

“We’re seeing this all over the state; voters are rejecting the big government agenda of the Democratic Party, and status quo politicians that do whatever it takes to get in, or stay in office,” said Karen Miner Hurd, executive director for the alliance.

In September, the alliance announced it would target seven “left-wing” Democrats as the group hopes to help Republicans take back control of the Senate. It has bought a small amount of radio and TV air time to tie candidates to President Barack Obama.

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