TV viewers in Virginia can expect to see a string of ads promoting stricter federal clean air standards.

A coal-fired plant in northwest New Mexico. (SUSAN MONTOYA BRYAN/AP)

“This first-ever national industrial carbon pollution standard for power plants is essential to protect public health and reduce the effects of unchecked global warming including increasing smog and triggering asthma attacks and other health consequences,” Gene Karpinski, president of the League of Conservation Voters, said in a prepared statement. “The EPA is simply following the Clean Air Act – passed by Congress with bipartisan support – and two Supreme Court decisions by issuing the first national standard on dangerous carbon pollution that spews from the smokestacks of electric power plants every day.”

The energy industry has a less sanguine view of the new limits, saying that they will make construction of new coal plants prohibitively expensive.

The ad, which you can see here, is appearing in Washington and in three states: Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania.