All the talk about the Republican presidential race these days may focus on Florida, but in Virginia voting has begun.

All 134 localities in the state began offering absentee voting — either in-person or by mail — this weekend.

The State Board of Elections says almost 1,000 ballots — 998 to be exact — were requested by military and overseas residents by the Friday deadline.

Republicans will choose between former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and Rep. Ron Paul (Tex.) on Super Tuesday, March 6. Write-in votes are not permitted.

The other candidates — including former senator Rick Santorum (Pa.) and former House speaker Newt Gingrich (Ga.) — failed to qualify for the Virginia ballot, and filed a lawsuit against the State Board and the state GOP to challenge the qualification rules. They lost the suit.

Democrats will not hold a primary as President Obama was the only one to qualify for the ballot.

State officials are urging voters to check whether their polling place had changed as a result of the state’s once-a-decade redistricting.