It’s not often all of Virginia’s living governors get together.

But all nine of them will gather in Richmond on April 17, to be honored at the Sorensen Institute’s annual gala.

For those having trouble remembering the names of the nine, they are: Linwood Holton, Chuck Robb, Jerry Baliles, Doug Wilder, George Allen, Jim Gilmore, Mark Warner, Tim Kaine and Bob McDonnell.

That list includes the nation’s first elected black governor, three U.S. senators, two possible vice presidential candidates, and let’s face it, several who wanted to be president.

Yes, each one of the men will speak, but only for five to 10 minutes, on a topic important to them. For example, Holton, Kaine’s father-in-law, will speak about civil rights, Baliles transportation and Robb education.

What will the current governor speak about? “The Virginia way.”

“We are delighted all nine governors of Virginia have decided to speak on topics of interest to them at our gala,’’ said Bob Gibson, executive director of the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership.

About 350 guests will attend, including a couple dozen members of the General Assembly, who will be in Richmond that day to vote on the state budget.

In 2008, all eight governors attended a tribute to former U.S. Sen. John Warner, also sponsored by Sorensen, but only three of the eight spoke.