Alexandrians, Arlingtonians and Fairfaxians, you still have a few hours until 5 p.m., if you need to register to vote in time for the special election scheduled for next week.

The election is to fill the vacancy in the 45th District seat of the Virginia House of Delegates, the one that David Englin is vacating. Three candidates are vying for the seat: Democrat Rob Krupicka, Republican Tim McGhee and Libertarian Justin Malkin.

It’s a strongly Democratic district, and a primarily Alexandria one, although it does draw in a bit of Arlington County (Shirlington, Fairlington, Abingdon and Aurora Hills) and the Belleview and Huntington areas of Fairfax County. The Alexandria registrar of elections predicts a low turnout, given that the vote will take place on the day after Labor Day and the first day of school for many families.

The term expires in January 2014, so the winner, if he likes the job, will have to run again next year.