A group of women has formed a new political action committee to recruit and support candidates to defeat elected officials who back the ultrasound and so-called personhood bills.

Women’s Strike Force, which boasts several former elected officials, formed after Virginia spent last week in national headlines for its attempt to require women to undergo mandatory trans-vaginal ultrasounds before an abortion.

“As a former member of the General Assembly and Virginia’s first woman in Congress, I fought for women’s rights in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s,” Leslie Byrne said in a statement. “We must move the commonwealth and the nation forward, not backslide to denying women rights.”

See the founding members below:

Women’s Strike Force is led by several well-known women in the state:

• Robin Abbott, former delegate, Newport News, co-chairman

• Katherine Wadell, former delegate, Richmond, co-chairman

• Leslie Byrne, former congresswoman, Fairfax

• Kris Amundson, former delegate, Mount Vernon

• Margi Vanderhye, former Virginia delegate, McLean

• Paula Miller, former delegate, Norfolk

• Mame Reiley, Democratic National Committee Women’s Caucus chair, Alexandria

• Cynthia Neff, Charlottesville

• Teresa Champion, Springfield

• Rebecca Geller, Fairfax Station

• Kate Goodyear, Fairfax