Fairfax City Superintendent Ann Monday, who oversees the city’s four schools in a unique partnership with Fairfax County officials, announced Tuesday that she will retire June 30.

News of her departure comes less than a month after five-term Mayor Robert Lederer announced his plans to retire in June.

As schools chief since 2007, Monday has largely been responsible for managing the system’s relationship with Fairfax County, where she previously spent 35 years as a teacher and administrator.

The county provides day-to-day operation of city schools, including Fairfax High, in exchange for a tuition payment. This year, that bill amounts to $37 million, or about $12,200 for each of the city’s 3,022 students.

The city, meanwhile, is responsible for its own school buildings. Monday oversaw the completion of two renovation projects during her tenure.

Monday, 63, said she is retiring to spend more time with friends and family.

“I’ve worked hard and I’ve loved my work,” she said. “It’s time for me to start pursuing some other interests.”