November has already proven to be a busy month for the Fairfax County School Board. And it’s just getting started.

They held a meeting that ended very late Thursday, and below I’ll update you on what happened there. Today, they are meeting for a work session where members will discuss the search for a superintendent, budget proposals for the next fiscal year and possibly amending the admissions process at the elite Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. I’ll be there taking notes and will keep everyone up to date on what goes down.

At the meeting, the school board unanimously passed a resolution urging the federal government to avoid sequestration. When the resolution was read aloud, the mood among the board members was somber. This situation, they said, is “so dire.”

Should the government not reach a resolution, the school board said, public education in Fairfax would be “disproportionately affected,” particularly Title I and Headstart programs.

The resolution, in audio format here, is part of a concerted effort by school boards across the country to prevent sequestration from damaging public education.

Additionally, the board passed the 2013 legislate program, and with one particularly key amendment. The school board’s legislative program is essentially a set of policy statements on state and federal issues.

School Board member Ted Velkoff (At Large) introduced an amendment that earned him praise from the majority of his counterparts. It read: “The Fairfax County School Board supports prohibiting discrimination in employment and education based on sexual orientation.”

The addition of such language to the legislative program was a first for Fairfax, said chairman Ilryong Moon (At Large). The amendment passed 11 to 1, with Elizabeth Schultz (Springfield) opposed.

Board member Dan Storck (Mount Vernon) said the amendment was especially poignant considering what he said was the “commonwealth’s antiquarian view of people,” in light of growing support nationwide for equal rights for gay people and couples.