Peter Noonan, a Fairfax County schools administrator, has been named superintendent of Fairfax City’s four schools, the school board announced Thursday.

The move is a homecoming of sorts for Noonan, who served as principal of Fairfax City’s Lanier Middle School from 2002-2004.

“I’m really excited,” said Noonan, adding that he looks forward to “working closely with four outstanding principals in a really great community that cares about public education.”

Noonan began his teaching career in his native New Mexico before moving to Virginia in 2001. Currently he serves as assistant superintendent for instructional services in Fairfax County, overseeing academic programs for the system’s 180,000 students.

Noonan begins his new job July 1, replacing retiring Superintendent Ann Monday — who also had a career in Fairfax County schools before taking the helm in Fairfax City.

City officials have often chosen superintendents with county leadership experience — largely because a primary responsibility of the Fairfax City schools chief is managing the system's unusually close relationship with Fairfax County schools.

Fairfax County provides day-to-day operation of Fairfax City schools, including Fairfax High, in exchange for a tuition payment. This year, that bill amounts to $37 million, or about $12,200 for each of the city’s 3,022 students.