Welcome to Virginia Schools Insider! We’re thrilled to have a new way to connect with parents, teachers, students and other folks interested in state education news. From our perch in Northern Virginia, we aim to expand upon our coverage in The Post’s dead-tree edition. That means more stories about both local and state school boards and more reports from classrooms across the commonwealth.We’ll look at the role Virginia plays in the national education debate. Its embrace of new technology. Its experimentation with teacher performance pay. Its resistance to charter schools and federal testing standards.

We know, of course, that Virginia isn’t a monolith. Schools and parents in Fairfax and Arlington counties are unlike schools and parents in Spotsylvania and Giles. This blog will be grounded in Northern Virginia, but we will also venture elsewhere, highlighting the range of issues that matter to communities across the state . To do that, we’ll need your help.

Parents:Let us know what you find inspiring or disconcerting about your child’s classroom.

Students:What should we know about your school? If you have an idea for a post that you’d like to write, send us an email. We’d love to get some young voices in the blog.

Teachers: Bring us up to date on what it’s really like in the classroom-- what works and what doesn’t.

A quick note about us:

Before coming to The Post in 2009, Emma worked in Wyoming as a wilderness ranger and in Alaska as a middle-school math teacher. She is an Arlington County native and a graduate of Washington-Lee High School.

Before arriving in 2010, Kevin worked as a reporter for two years on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. He spent this summer reporting for the Post in Afghanistan and will return to Kabul as bureau chief in January.

Our email addresses are browne@washpost.com and sieffk@washpost.com.

If we succeed in this venture, Virginia Schools Insider will be equal parts levity and gravitas. It will be informative and funny. We’ll break news here. We’ll shed light on innovative educators and teaching methods that engage students (and those that fall short). And we’ll do our best to bring a variety of voices and perspectives to our reporting.

Please bookmark us at washingtonpost.com/vaschoolsinsider. We hope you’ll stick along for the ride.