Drumroll, please . . .

We asked for your photo entries for our “Mad Men” Look 2012 contest and, wow, were we blown away. It was a very hard decision to narrow it down to five finalists.

But I hope you’ll agree that these five entries below really showcase an impressive display of the mid-century modern look.

So, in no particular order, here are our finalists:

Living room decor. (MCMinCarderock)

Finalist No. 1 “MCMinCarderock”

Judges used the word “classy” to describe this living room, which showcases the mid-century modern look with the rug, artwork and furniture. Judge Vern Yip said, “Superb living room with lots of prime examples of mid-century modern.”

“MCMinCarderock” is Mary Lou Shannon, who lives in Carderock Springs neighborhood in Maryland, which is known for its collection of mid-century modern homes.


Finalist No. 2 “bestcat1”

Judges were impressed by the collections here, both in furniture and in accessories displayed in rooms throughout the home. We were tickled by the harvest yellow ski lodge fireplace (see gallery) and the good use of small spaces to showcase the MCM look.

“bestcat1” is Claire and Monte Montgomery of the District.

"Kitchen featuring teal cabinets." (Jaelith)

Finalist No. 3 “Jaelith”

What can you say about this kitchen? You certainly don’t see many of these. The judges loved the use of the color blue and, as judge Jura Koncius said, it’s “remarkably mod.”

This entrant gave us a lot to look at, with many photos submitted to show a consistency and commitment to the MCM look throughout the home.

“Jaelith” is Jaelith Hall-Rivera, of Alexandria, Va.

Finalist No. 4 “cmxnie”

The judges felt that this home successfully mixed in mid-century modern pieces with a more contemporary look. We admit we also liked the cool layout of this home, with the staircase in the middle and the opening between the floors.

“The sheer volume of this person’s MCM collections is impressive,” judge Jura Koncius said.

“cmxnie” is Christopher Mackechnie and Avivah Jakob of Baltimore, Md.

"Front view of Hans Olsen fried egg chair, elliptical brutalist coffee table and rosewood credenza." (beebobrinker)

Finalist No. 5 “beebobrinker”

Judge Jura Koncius said, “Beebo had me at the Hans Olsen fried egg chair.” Indeed, we couldn’t resist how this piece added to the room and we can see why this entrant had to have it.

Judge Vern Yip said the home also showed off nice touches with lighting, artwork and accessories.

“beebobrinker” is Glynn Romero and John Crist of the District.

Meet this year’s judges

From left: Vern Yip, Jura Koncius, Amanda Abrams and Sara Goo.


Now, the hard part. We’ll have to pick a winner from these five finalists, and we’ll need your help. Later this week, we’ll have a user poll so you can vote.

Please mark your calendars: On Thursday, March 22 at noon ET, two of our judges will host a live discussion about interior design and the “Mad Men” Look. Vern Yip, a columnist for The Washington Post Real Estate section and an HGTV star, will join an hour-long chat taking your questions with Post interior design writer Jura Koncius.

Our winner will be revealed on Monday, March 26, the day after the new season of “Mad Men” premieres.

Tell us what you think or our finalists in the comments section. To see more photos of the finalists’ entries, and others, check out our gallery below:

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