Okay, we admit we have been a little obsessed with mid-century mod lately.

First there was the story of the local Carderock Springs home, where the homeowners carefully rebuilt their mid-century home to its original splendor.

Then we wrote about where to find cool mid-century modern furniture in the Washington area. With your helpful suggestions, we wrote not once, but twice, about the best MCM neighborhoods in the area. (I’m sure we still are missing a few to our list.)

And we even had some fun voting on the many (and, oh, there are many) buildings in Washington built during this period that have that very distinctive style. Whether you love it or hate it, we all walk by it or see it all over the city, in particular. And you took our totally unscientific “love it or hate it” poll.

(The results: We mostly love the Hirschhorn Museum design; we mostly hate the HUD building.)

So now, it’s time, folks — your last chance to show off your home and win our “Mad Men” Look contest. It’s easy to enter — simply click on the photo gallery above and upload your photos to add them. When you upload your photos, there will be a spot to provide us with your contact info (that won’t appear online) so we can reach you in case you win. You can enter as many photos as you like, to give us a sense of the style of your home from room to room. Be sure to read the rules for the contest.

And if you don’t want to enter, you will still enjoy checking out the entries. There are really great ones this year. Last day to enter is March 12.

We’ll announce finalists next week and then YOU get to vote on the winner. Winner receives a Washington Post photo shoot of his or her home and a write-up on the Where We Live blog and in the Saturday Washington Post Real Estate section. And, oh, all the glory and bragging rights, too.

View Photo Gallery: As they renovated their mid-century modern home in Montgomery County, David and Barbara Beers were determined to maintain its clean, modern lines.

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