View Photo Gallery: The before and after photos of a Northwest Washington bedroom and bathroom renovation show a space starkly transformed.

I distinctly remember my parents’ reaction before they bought what would become my childhood home in Southern California: We love it, except for the master bedroom.

Our split level home was spacious, but the master bedroom had this large, flowery wallpaper that dominated the room. It was ugly. And my parents said it would be the first thing they would change.

Of course, by the time they sold the home when I was in college, they still had the previous owner’s wallpaper in their bedroom.

Why? Because life gets busy. They renovated the kitchen, put in new tile flooring, and even redid the stairway bannisters. But the master bedroom always seems last on the homeowner’s to-do list because, after all, only you see it every day. The entertaining spaces and places where you hang out — the kitchen, of course, primarily — take priority on the renovation list.

That’s what struck me about this home in Northwest D.C. and the dramatic transformation that one can do with a master bedroom. It seems indulgent, but yet you do spend a lot of time there.

The owner of this home said what I think many of us say to ourselves: “This is like a ‘before’ picture.”

Is there a project nagging at you to do in your home every time you see it? Where does the master bedroom rank on your list?

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