For years, The Washington Post has been profiling communities in the Washington area in the Saturday Real Estate section delivered on your doorstep. We call it Where We Live (which is where we got this great idea for a blog name).

(Sara Goo/Washington Post)

Instagram (free) allows you to take photos using your phone and then add one of several filters that, frankly, make your photos look much better than the original. We like it because it makes our so-so photos look very artsy. When you sign up with Instagram, you instantly share these photos with other “friends” on the service and you can link it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

And the cool part is that the handy tech people at The Post have figured out a way for you to submit your photos to The Post and have them appear on this page. We’ll keep this page going and highlight your fabulous photos every week. Also, we’d love to hear suggestions about which communities we should profile next.

So here’s the deal: To participate, open your Instagram app and snap a photo that visualizes where you live (for example: your neighborhood dog park, the architecture of your house, sidewalk chalk). Be sure to include anywhere in the caption the special tag #wpwherewelive (don’t forget the little ‘wp’ in there) and name your community and what you like about it. By using the tag #wpwherewelive, it means you have permission to send your photos to us (you took them), and you allow us to use your photos on or in print.