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Washington’s hottest neighborhoods

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A new report out Thursday from Trulia, the real estate listings web site, has identified the Washington area Zip codes that are getting the most Web traffic among locals.

Can you guess the top five?

No. 5: 20001, Mt. Vernon Square/Cardozo/ Shaw

No. 4: 20012, Brightwood/ Shepherd Park

No. 3: 20010, Mount Pleasant/ Columbia Heights

No. 2: 20005, Logan Circle

No. 1: 20015, Chevy Chase

Trulia calls this list the “best kept secret” neighborhoods because properties in these neighborhoods get more views on their Web site from locals than others searched for by out-of-towners.

The firm recently began surveys looking at cities that are attracting the most house hunters, as a kind of unscientific leading indicator of where people might be moving. The report measures the number of property views on the Trulia site and tracks users’ ISP addresses of where they live, versus where they are searching.

Washington, D.C., as it turns out, came up as one of the weakest areas where people are not looking at properties.

The top of the list, as it turns out, are major retirement communities in Florida, such as Palm Bay, Lakeland, Sarasota, Fort Myers and also Tulsa, Okla.

The reason for Washington’s low ranking, according to Trulia’s chief economist Jed Kolko is that prices have fallen quite a bit in these areas. D.C. is an expensive area, relative to other markets,” he said. “It’s an area that doesn’t have a lot of housing growth. The biggest driver is that we’re seeing a lot of inbound search activity where prices fell most during the housing bust. These places are now bargains.”

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