Sara Goo is The Washington Post’s real estate editor. (Wendy Galietta/THE WASHINGTON POST)

This blog will not only cover the latest news about home prices, mortgages and the local economy, but also offer insight into how you can improve the value of your home. We’ll point to all of the great coverage already in The Post that relates to real estate and your community. And we want you to play a part -- this blog should be a space for you to share your experiences about house hunting, home improvement and renovations. We also want to have fun and showcase the best and most local distinctive homes, whether it be great design or impressive features.

We thought a lot about what to call this blog. Where We Live has been the name of a long-standing feature in the Real Estate section that, each Saturday, profiles a community in the metro D.C. area. We thought it would be appropriate to use that name for the blog because that’s essentially what we want this blog to be --news and information about your community and your home -- where you live. Please follow us on Twitter @postrealestate and on Facebook at Washington Post Real Estate. We want to hear your feedback. You can also e-mail me . Interested in contributing to the blog? E-mail me. I’d love to hear from you.