Andray Blatche plans to join several NFL players on Sunday for a three-day goodwill mission to Jamaica. Blatche told the Miami Herald that he expects to contribute $50,000 toward the renovation of the athletic facility at Kingston College. He will also donate basketballs, sneakers and T-shirts to sports camps in Negril and Kingston.

“It was mind blowing to see some of the conditions that these kids have to learn under,” Blatche told the newspaper. “I saw it with my own eyes what little they have. For them to deal with those circumstances really impressed me. My family and I are trying to help out in whatever way we can.”

Blatche added that he plans to return to Miami and get in shape for the upcoming season, which he hopes will yield an all-star invitation. “I’m still an up-and-coming player,” Blatche said. “I just want to be mean and tough in the paint, work on my jump shot and become more consistent. Work on my body. My goal is to be one of the best players in the league.”

On his blog, Ted’s Take, Wizards owner Ted Leonsis offered his support to Blatche. “I am proud of Andray and his philanthropic efforts. He volunteers his time, efforts and dollars for many local charities.”