The Wizards had their share of mishaps in close losses this season -- from Andray Blatche’s 30-second meltdown against the Miami Heat in December, to John Wall missing a free throw before JaVale McGee did the opposite of what he was told against the Los Angeles Clippers last month. So they were probably due to benefit from an opponent’s mental breakdown. But what happened in the Wizards’ 95-94 overtime win over the Boston Celtics’ second string will go down as one of most ridiculous and embarrassing sequences in the NBA this season.

Celtics guard Von Wafer offered a clinic on what not do in a close game with the Celtics up 88-86 in overtime. Wafer got the ball, swooped down the lane and brought down the ball with authority. Feeling so good about what he thought was an emphatic slam, Wafer posed for the crowd and shouted. But while Wafer was celebrating, Jermaine O’Neal was grabbing the rebound of his missed dunk. When Wafer finally stopped flexing, he turned and ran into O’Neal -- not realizing the ball was live -- and forced O’Neal into a double-dribble.

So, he missed a dunk, patted himself on the back for a missed dunk and caused a turnover, costing the Celtics two points and later a possession -- in what turned out to be a one-point loss. Ugh. After Wafer finally realized the error(s) of his ways, all he could do was frown and curse.