NBA Entertainment has been producing a series on the 2012 draft class called “NBA Rooks” and Bradley Beal gets his turn in the spotlight this week. Beal, his parents, Emeka Okafor and NBATV analyst Steve Smith offer comments in a short video that looks into the day he got drafted through his performance at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, where was named to the all-league team.

“Summer league to me, so far, has been the greatest experience I’ve had playing basketball,” Beal said in the video.

Beal added that the coaches have already demanded a lot from him and “you have to be mentally tough to accept all of the challenges that’s ahead of you.”

Beal discussed some of those challenges, his plans to earn everything he is given in Washington and how he has already connected with John Wall in the Post today. He has spent the past four days in the New York region as part of the Rookie Transition Program and the rookie photo shoot. When asked if all of the responsibilities, thus far, have been a lot for a 19-year-old, Beal responded, “It is, but I’m holding up.”

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