The Drew League was looking forward to a rematch in Los Angeles immediately after it lost, and now its organizers are attempting to lure Kobe Bryant for a proposed exhibition on Sept. 10. Fred Smith, who helped organize the event highly-publicized game between the Goodman League and Drew League, told the Los Angeles Times it would “be challenging” to pull it off so quickly.

Bryant made a surprise appearance at the Drew League last week and scored 43 points, including the game-winning jumper as time expired. Drew League organizers were supposed to meet with Bryant’s executives on Tuesday — Bryant’s 33rd birthday — to get something set for a possible rematch.

If the two teams are able to play again, they will likely need a larger venue to avoid the problems that occurred on Saturday, when several hundreds of fans were turned away from the tiny 1,500-capacity gym. But Smith said there were also problems with the Web site,, that aired the game online at a cost of $4.99. Smith told the Times that the effort was a “complete and utter failure,” because the Web site couldn’t handle the volume of traffic for the game. He said he plans to refund $1.99 to first-time users and all of the money for returning users.

“He told me, people were upset with him, because he got so many hits, the thing crashed,” Goodman League commissioner Miles Rawls said of Smith. “He said people missed like 20 minutes of the game. He wasn’t expecting that many hits or something like that.”