After weeks of wrangling and posturing, the Drew League will get its rematch in Los Angeles with the Goodman League, as the two sides finally came together on a date that could work -- Oct. 9 -- so long as there is no progress made on the NBA labor front. The rematch appeared unlikely two weeks ago, when Drew League Commissioner Dino Smiley and Goodman League Commissioner Miles Rawls couldn’t even agree on why they couldn’t organize another game.

“I called Dino. I was like, ‘Let’s get this rematch on the road,’ “ Rawls said in a telephone interview. “He said, ‘My guys are ready.’ I said, ‘Find a date, and I’ll get my guys. Let’s make it happen.’ ”

But before the two teams can attempt to repeat the excitement of the 135-134 Goodman League win last month at Trinity University, the Goodman League is headed on the road for two more games over the next few weeks, beginning on Saturday against the Indy Pro-Am in Indianapolis.

Rawls spent a good amount of time promoting his upcoming games during the “Clash of the Superstars” last Saturday at Coolidge High. Rawls rattled off the participants for the Indy Pro-Am game, but when he mentioned John Wall, Wall grabbed his leg as if he were injured and joked, “I’m not going to be there.”

Rawls shouted back, “Get some duct tape.”

Rawls guaranteed that he would have Wall — and considering the following Wall has in Indianapolis, that makes sense. But Rawls has already ruled out Kevin Durant, who had a prior commitment, and Greg Monroe, who hurt his hip during the game at Coolidge. And, he has been able to round up a decent roster that includes former Wizard Caron Butler, of the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks, and Andray Blatche.

Butler hasn’t played a competitive game since rupturing his right patella in Milwaukee in January, and was held out of the NBA Finals. Blatche has been dealing with some soreness in his right shoulder but is expected to represent the Goodman League after failing to make his usual trip to Barry Farm this summer.

Jeff Green, DeMarcus Cousins, Michael Beasley, Hugh “Baby Shaq” Jones will also play on the team and Rawls said Butler may bring Will Bynum with him to Indianapolis. Durant is filming scenes for his upcoming movie, “Switch,” this week in Baton Rouge, La. He has a media session scheduled for the movie on Saturday and also committed to playing in Team Melo vs. Team Philly game featuring LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul, on Sunday in Philadelphia.

The Indy Pro-Am roster is expected to feature Zach Randolph, Eric Gordon, George Hill, Mike Conley, Lance Stephenson and Gordon Hayward. Paul George may also play. General admission tickets can be purchased on the Knock Indy Pro-Am Web site for $42 and $20 for youth.

The Goodman League will then travel to New York to play the Rucker League on Sept. 30 at Long Island University. Durant is expected to be back for that game, as the Goodman League takes on a team that includes Joakim Noah, Corey Brewer, Wes Matthews Jr., Taj Gibson and Bynum.

The Drew League will have a slightly different roster for the rematch, with JaVale McGee unlikely to play, but Nick Young expected to participate after his questionable absence for the first game. Ryan Hollins, Dorrell Wright and Trevor Ariza are also expected to join the squad. Rawls said he expects to have the same team he brought to Trinity University, with Green and Beasley to come out for the rematch.

“It’s L.A.,” Rawls said. “They’ll go out there in a heartbeat.”

Rawls was looking to play a team from Atlanta on Oct. 14, but has instead focused his attention on a rematch with the Melo League at Coolidge High on Oct. 15. Rawls said the holdup has been getting a commitment from Carmelo Anthony.