John Wall’s skills as a dancer became well-known before he played a game at Kentucky, then he announced his arrival in Washington with a nifty rendition of “The Dougie.” And, now ESPN is capitalizing on his moves by using them in a new, prom-themed advertisement for the ESPYs, with Wall taking on Green Bay Packers hip-shaking defensive lineman B.J. Raji in a dance-off moderated by Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers. Wall delivered his lines better than he did the first pitch at Nats Park, but the D.J. for this ESPN party was pretty wack.

Wall’s profile is starting to expand some this summer, in spite of his unfortunate bounce pass before the Nationals-Orioles game on June 17. He had his name dropped by rapper Meek Mill in the popular song, “Tupac Back.” Mill rhymes, “I’m like John Wall cause I just give ‘em and go.” And, he recently took part in a video shoot with hip-hop producer Swizz Beats and rapper Rick Ross for a song called, “Reebok back.”