John Wall finished the week at the Impact Basketball Competitive Training Series in Las Vegas with another dynamic, 42-point performance. The Wizards’ “G” team didn’t have Rashard Lewis, but former Maryland big man Jordan Williams and former Wizard Roger Mason Jr. joined JaVale McGee, Jordan Crawford, Shelvin Mack and Larry Owens. The G team lost its third in a row.

(See highlights here.)

They got the chance to see Wall put on another dazzling display of athleticism, while trying his best to demoralize the opposition. After using a behind-the-back dribble to get around Ryan Gomes, Wall sprinted, then stutter-stepped into the lane and made a layup while colliding with Cleveland forward Samardo Samuels. As Samuels fell on his backside and put his hands on his head, Wall looked down and shouted, “I told you, you can’t catch up, man.”

Lewis told Hoopsworld after Wall’s 42-point, 9-assist and 8-rebound game on Wednesday, “He’s really special. Did you see how fast he was? Nobody can keep up with him. He was going one-on-four a couple of times. He knows how to get to the basket and he’s excellent at pushing the ball down court, which is why we have to make sure we’re in shape. With the team that we have, I think we’re going to be best off playing up-and-down at a fast tempo. But that means we have to be in shape because he’s going to push it.”

The “G” team will get back to work next week, as the so-called “lockout league” comes to an end with playoffs and a championship game to follow. Since the Wizards’ squad has just one win, the playoffs seem unlikely. That sounds familiar, huh?

But Wall’s play this summer is proof that he has worked extremely hard to improve his game and regain his explosiveness, but he has also taken time to enjoy himself – especially with his extended 21st birthday celebration, which included parties in Atlanta, New York and Miami.

Footage of his party at New York’s Greenhouse has hit the Internet, and he appeared to have an incredible time with fellow NBA players Carmelo Anthony, Kemba Walker, Baron Davis and hip-hop stars Diddy, Drake, Swizz Beats, DJ Khaled and Jim Jones. Wall sprayed bottles of champagne, grabbed the microphone to rap the lyrics of Meek Mill’s hit “Ima Boss” and did the Dougie. …You know he did the Dougie.

He is expected to host another celebration on Saturday with R&B singer Chris Brown at Love the Club, but may have altered those plans after mentioning on Twitter that he was, “Ready to be back in LA!!” I was informed that he not only committed to appear at the Clash of the Superstars game on Saturday at Calvin Coolidge High, but he also intends to play. But we’ll see.